As We Forgive Those...

As We Forgive is an incredible documentary that takes place in Rwanda more than a decade after the 1994 genocide where around 800,000 people were murdered. The film follows two Rwandan women who confront the men who slaughtered their families.

Not only do these women revisit a personal past, they also grapple with the demons of their nation’s history. How does one trust a government once responsible for the deaths of innocent people? How does one trust the men who performed the most atrocious acts of violence known to man? What happens when these men are your neighbors? How does one find the strength, the will, and the compassion to forgive them?

This film is powerful and liberating. Cinematographer Kasey Kirby and director Laura Waters Hinson capture the soul of the Rwandan community through vibrant colors and compelling perspectives. It is the story, no doubt, that won me over. As I place myself in the position of those two women who come face to face with the men who murdered their fathers, brothers, sisters, mothers, and children I ask myself, would I have the grace to forgive them? I pray to God I would.

Do away with all quarreling, rage, anger insults, and every kind of malice: be good and understanding, mutually forgiving one another as God forgave you in Christ. Ephesians 4:31-32

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