Memories of Downtown L.A.

I spent a great deal of my childhood standing next to bus stops in Downtown Los Angeles. I remember the dark shadows created by clear blue skies and grey, gigantic government and business buildings. There was a humming that emerged from the mixing of languages, car horns and roaring engines. Public art works and advertisements brightened muted street corners and warmed up breezy alleys. Downtown Los Angeles was, and has remained, one of my best memories...The images here are snapshots of L.A. today, taken with my cellphone. Enjoy!

"Downtown's dream is reinvention - one day you're a campesino and the next you're clearing dishes in a downtown restaurant. One day you're a restless suburban homeowner and the next you're renting a downtown loft. Something is erased. Something else is inscribed in its place."
 -D.J. Waldie on how our lives in and around Downtown Los Angeles are everchanging and evolving.

View photos of Downtown L.A. by Marrisa Roth: