It’s been a while since I’ve written anything on my blog! I have to say it feels great to be on here again. This past summer kept me from writing ANYTHING; not only were things busy, but I was also much too lazy to write a word. That, however, does not mean I wasn’t exercising my creative muscles...

On one warm August afternoon, I grabbed my Konica Minolta Maxxum 50 film camera and went for an adventure on the riverbed in Pico Rivera, California. The following pictures were those I took that day using black and white film.

I love standing under gigantic structures because they make me feel small and insignificant. Sometimes we humans can come to think of ourselves as “too great” or “too powerful” and we can let our egos grow monstrous. We, then, need to be reminded of how fragile our lives can also be.

I love bridges because of what they symbolize - unity, harmony, a coming together of places, ideas, peoples, etc. Bridges can lead to an understanding of those things which were once elusive and vague. If at the core of our human nature is a need to associate with other people and with nature; bridges allow us to do just that. Bridges, therefore, make us better human beings.