"Mexican Dance Hall"

The Los Angeles County Museum of Art is presenting a film series on the work of Gabriel Figueroa, Mexican cinematographer whose work flourished in his native country and the United States from the 1930’s through 80’s.

Today, I saw one of the thirteen films to be screened at LACMA from September to October 2013. Salón México (1949) is an interesting film that focuses on social issues that had developed in urban Mexico after the Mexican Revolution and during the rise of Industrialism. I was captivated by Figueroa’s photography and entertained by the story.

Blogger Tony D’Ambra does a good job describing the major points of Salón México; here is a link to his blog: Tony D'Ambra

To learn more about the film series “The Golden Age of Mexican Cinema” on Gabriel Figueroa’s work, visit LACMA’s webpage: LACMA FILM  

More on Salón México: SALON MEXICO